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Chestfield, Kent


Kenny's ideal home

Kenny is looking for a home that have the time to give him plenty of exercise and the training he needs to flourish and shine! He can live with confident and sensible children aged 16 years old and over who will interact nicely with him and give him space when he needs it. Kenny would be best suited as the only dog in his home and he cannot live with cats or small animals. He has a few basics under his belt but he is keen to learn and would benefit from adopters who will undertake lots of positive training with him as he is a smart and active boy who likes to use his brain. Kenny would like a home where he will get lots of company and be introduced to longer leaving times gradually as he settles in, building up to around 4 hours as a maximum. He will likely need housetraining in his new home, so access to a private garden will be essential. His garden should also have high fences as he can jump quite high! Kenny does have some sensitivities around close handling, so he will need patient adopters who can help build his confidence with a gentle and positive approach. Kenny will need to meet his adopters multiple times to build a strong bond prior to going home so please bear this in mind when applying. If you rent your property, please have written permission from your landlord ready once you have submitted your application to avoid delays, as it will be required early on in the rehoming process if you are shortlisted.

Could you be Kenny's perfect match?

Kenny is a head-turningly handsome 4 year old German Shepherd who is looking for human best buddies to do life with. He is a busy and active boy who loves training and being active, so he will certainly help you get you off the sofa and get your daily steps in! A foody boy, he focuses beautifully if a tasty treat is on offer and this will not only help build a bond with him, but also will be a great way to reward desired behaviours in his new home. He loves to play with toys, the squeakier, the better and he is currently learning how to play ‘find it’ scent games with his handlers. Kenny hasn’t had the best start in life and despite this he is a brilliant boy who will be a loyal and devoted companion to some very lucky adopters!

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 12 weeks ago
  • Breed German Shepherd
  • Current age 4 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Canterbury
  • Sex Male

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