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Glasgow, Glasgow City


Barley's ideal home

Barley is a beautiful girl who hasn't had the best start in life and can easily be overwhelmed by situations as a result. She will need a loving and patient home with a family who are willing to help her adjust to life in a home as she has only been in a kennel before. Barley will benefit from safe spaces in the home where she can go to decompress as well as direct access to her own garden that is fully secure with a 6ft fence. She is also looking to have someone who won't leave her alone for long periods of time.

Could you be Barley's perfect match?

Due to how worried Barley can be, she is looking for a home with older children - aged 12 years and over. During her time in our care, she has really bonded with another German Shepherd, which has really helped her come out of her shell. So she is now looking to live with another dog as she benefits so much from it. She would love a family who have had a rescue dog before who are happy to help her gradually build her confidence up in the world and learn to play and socialise. Barley does have a medical condition our veterinary department can discuss with her new family in more detail, but she doesn't require medication for this at the moment. She is absolutely gorgeous and we are excited to see how she blossoms given some tender loving care and time!

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 11 weeks ago
  • Breed German Shepherd
  • Current age 7 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Glasgow
  • Sex Female

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